Galvanina Organic Italian Blood Orange Soda


Posted by David | Posted in Delicious Organic | Posted on 09-02-2012

If you’ve tried blood orange soda in the past and weren’t impressed, I can totally understand you. Regular Italian blood orange soda sold on the shelves of most stores don’t have that flavor and sweetness of a good soda. However, this organic blood orange soda I first tried out in a store in California was quite amazing!

While this soda comes in various names in different stores, the original source is the Organic Italian Blood Orange Soda made by Galvanina from Italy.

This is pretty much my favorite fruit soda. It has an excellent burst of blood orange flavor and sweetness that is just delightful. When served to many friends around me, there was not one person who did not seem to like it and many asked where they could get it from.

I like to keep a good source of delicious organic products but keeping the supply for this soda came in a bit tricky.

So far, the stores I’ve found with this blood orange soda in the past are:

Safeway/Vons – O Organics Blood Orange Soda
A&P – Greenway Organic Blood Orange Soda
Costco – Galvanina Organic Blood Orange Soda
DeCicco’s – Galvanina Organic Blood Orange Soda (orginal packaging), $3.99

Our local A&Ps do not carry this anymore and I’ve heard that Costco discontinued them as well. (Why???)

Costco's Galvanina Blood Orange Soda

Contacting Galvanina’s US distributor, I received notice that their products are sold in Safeway stores and also at Whole Foods under the 365 brand! I will definitely pick one up on my next visit to Whole Foods. [Update: Our local Whole Foods does not carry the 365 branded Blood Orange Soda, only a non-organic one that I avoided purchasing.]

Another secret I would like to mention is that the grapefruit flavor is equally awesome! It has the crisp, tinge and sweet flavor of a good grapefruit without the bitterness. If you like grapefruit soda, you should definitely give it a try! (note: the other flavors, such as pomegrenate and blueberry weren’t much satisfying)

I’m still searching for a place to buy the grapefruit flavor in New York. I’ll post it here when I find it!

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I went to Safeway after reading this. I purchased the O Organics Blood Orange. It tastes exactly like Galvaninas. I was so happy.

Isn’t it good? :)

I’ve tried them from “all” the locations above… they are exactly the same!

I think I can tell it by the looks of the bottle now. :D

Costco sells many items only seasonally, Blood-Orange-Soda among them. Look for it again during the late year holidays, my bet would be that it will be back!

How do you know this? Do you work for Costco? :D

Well, it’s good to know there’s a chance it’ll be back. I’m running low on my supplies. :)

Costco in my area (SoCal-Temecula) just got blood orange soda back, but it is not the same bottled stuff as before. It came in a 24 or 36 pack of cans and was much more expensive. I forgot exactly the quantity and price, but I know it was more then I wanted to pay. I will try to check again when I head down there next.

FYI- For a drink guys and girls both love, try this
1/3 Costco’s Galvanina Blood Orange Soda
1/3 Kirkland premium sweet and sour mix
1/3 vodka (preferably Belvedere)

Would Love to see more of this drink in stores,

It is a shame that the Galvanina Organic Blood Orange is not carried all year. I went back to Costco in Norfolk Va and was told the product was not carried anymore. I bought it at Christmas in 2013 and 2014. I will be looking for it in 2015. however it would be great if I could buy it year round


Just tried a bottle of the Red Grapefruit that I purchased from Mariano’s grocery chain here in Chicago. Love the Red Grapefruit, have a bottle of Blood Orange that I have not tried yet. Will be stocking up on this the next time I’m at Mariano’s which happens to be an awesome grocery store as well.


I live in Texas area and nowhere near Galvanina Organic Blood Orange is being sold. If anyone comes across some, please let me know. I’d be willing to pay for it and pay shipping!

They’re selling this drink online, a case of 6 bottle for $17.

Is there anywhere that the Costco Galvanina Organic Blood Orange can be purchased at present (Company)? I am currently living in Las Vegas, NV and we no longer have Safeway store here.

By far my favorite soda… I was lucky enough to Find this at my local 99cents store! I bought a box of 12 bottles of 12oz for $6! (50 cents a bottle). I think the reason behind it is that it was pretty close to the expiration date… but that doesn’t bother me haha

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